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Joss Whedon’s Planned Parenthood PSA Paints Grim Picture (Video)

”Avengers“ director calls plans to shut down women’s health organization ”inhuman“

“Avengers” filmmaker Joss Whedon has directed a short for Planned Parenthood in which he exposes what life would be like without the women’s health organization.

In the short, titled “UNLOCKED,” three women go through different experiences in their lives. One woman faces a loved one’s death from cancer; a teenager deals with an unexpected pregnancy; and another teenager deals with her friend’s exposure to an STD.

The short then shows how their lives could’ve been different in a time when Planned Parenthood was free to offer these women the help they needed.

“What world do you want?” it says at the end of the short.

“If politicians succeed in shutting down Planned Parenthood, millions of people lose access to basic health services. STD testing, birth control, cancer screenings… how can these be at risk?” Whedon said in a statement obtained by TheWrap. “‘UNLOCKED’ is about what a world without Planned Parenthood would look like, which is truly dire,” added the director. “I’ve supported Planned Parenthood in the past, but until I worked with them closely on this, I didn’t understand how many services they — and for some, they alone — provide.”

Calling the organization “a beacon of hope,” Whedon said, “anyone trying to shut it down is committing an act of evil. It’s not just inhumane — it’s inhuman. I just wanted to remind those of us with some humanity still stirring how much is at stake.”

Whedon partnered with Planned Parenthood in 2015 to bring in more donations over the holidays. In 2012, he also addressed a “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” comic book arc in which she gets an abortion.

Watch the video above.