Joy Reid Blasts ‘Mango Macbeth’ Trump and Republicans for ‘Endless Insurrection’ (Video)

“The infamous retiree is currently living in an alternate reality,” Reid says about Trump

Joy Reid Mango Macbeth

Joy Reid called out what she referred to as the “endless insurrection” conducted by Republicans — and “mango Macbeth” Donald Trump — in a rant criticizing dubious election audits this Thursday.

Reid said on her June 3 episode of The ReidOut that “the current Republican party has allowed the delusions of a single individual, disgraced twice impeached failed Florida blogger to reveal what frankly has long been its one true ethos: That when Republicans lose, it can only be because of fraud.”

Reid pointed out that while the election fraud conspiracy tactic was most notably deployed by Republicans after Trump lost the 2020 election to current president Joe Biden, it’s been a favorite of theirs for years.

“This didn’t just start with Trump. Republicans believe the same thing about Bill Clinton’s election. And President Obama’s,” Reid said.

Election fraud conspiracies, Reid said, are common among Republicans. She also alluded to the fact that the argument Democrats win elections via fraud is common because of the Democrats’ tendency to win over a larger portion of non-white voters than Republicans. A Pew Research study from last October backs this up and reported that non-white Americans made up 40% of Democratic voters but less than a fifth of Republicans.

“It’s actually just a garden variety belief among not just Trumpers, but regular normcore republicans too, because who votes for Democrats? Just think about it,” Reid mused.

Reid then turned directly to Trump, who is of course the driving force behind the ongoing recount efforts which critics and even other Republicans have argued essentially a right-wing “grift” at this point.

Reid joked that Trump, who she called “the infamous retiree” is “currently living in an alternate reality” thinking that he could be re-instated as president any day now.

Multiple right-wing figures are actively profiting from perpetuating what is commonly called the “big lie” that Trump had the 2020 election stolen from him, including Marjorie Taylor-Greene, Matt Gaetz and of course, MyPillow salesman Mike Lindell.

“Trump’s delusion isn’t fading with time instead it’s metastasizing as state level Republicans use it to discredit the election in the eyes of their voters, and as an excuse to put laws in place to try and ensure the Republicans can never lose elections again,” Reid said. “The Washington Post reports that like a mango Macbeth Trump is relentlessly focused on the lie that the election was stolen, and thinks bogus anti-democratic ‘fraudits’ like the one underway in (Maricopa County) Arizona are going to prove it.”

Then Reid called attention to other states that are looking to follow Arizona’s lead and conduct their own sham audits of the election which was already determined in multiple courts to be legitimate and free of meddling from any side.

Trump is “also plotting similar magical thinking recounts in Pennsylvania and Georgia and apparently, he’s taking his cues from among others like Mike Lindell, the former drug addict and MyPillow salesman who told the Daily Beast he probably inspired the idiotic belief that Trump could be reinstated in August,” Reid said. “Republicans who ostensibly know better and who take oath to defend the constitution are also co-signing.”

Take a look at Reid’s full remarks on The ReidOut in the clip below.


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