Joy Reid Slams Tucker Carlson’s ‘Stupid Racism’ Toward Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson

Reid highlighted why it was racist for Carlson to request Supreme Court nominee’s LSAT score

MSNBC’s Joy Reid once again highlighted Tucker Carlson in her “The Absolute Worst” segment tonight.

Reid zoned in on Carlson’s racist request that Biden publicize the LSAT score of his Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, which he made in his March 2 television segment.

“Might be time for Joe Biden to let us know what Ketanji Brown Jackson’s LSAT score was,” Carlson said in a previous segment. “How did she do on the LSATs? Why wouldn’t he tell us that? That would settle the question conclusively as to whether she’s a once in a generation legal talent.”

Reid ripped Carlson, reflecting on his education history.

“Weirdly enough, couldn’t get into an Ivy League ‘Tuckums’ Carlson never asked to see any other nominees’ test scores,” Reid said.

Reid then quoted a tweet by Nikole Hannah-Jones following Carlson’s remarks from March 2.

“This is textbook racism. Not even a dog whistle. Show clips of Tucker asking for LSATs of a white candidate,” Hannah-Jones tweeted. “Outside of the ridiculous argument that scores to get INTO law school are the measure of qualification, the presumption that Black pp are dumb is standard white supremacy.”

“Ketanji Brown Jackson has an extensive amount of experience,” Reid added, citing a tweet from Elliot Williams that outlines Jackson’s legal background and career.

“Imagine a supremely qualified SCOTUS nominee with two Harvard degrees with honors, a SCOTUS clerkship for the justice they’d replace, and two years as a federal judge,” Williams’ tweeted. “(That’s Chief Justice John Roberts.) Ketanji Brown Jackson has all of that, plus seven more years as a judge.

“In contrast, Amy Coney Barrett was the least qualified nominee in recent history,” Reid continued. “And did ‘Tuckums question her experience? He sure didn’t.”

Reid then went on to quote how Carlson praised Amy Coney Barrett as “a remarkable person” and “Maybe the most impressive person to receive a Supreme Court nomination in memory.”