‘In Time’ Trailer: Justin Timberlake Kicks Butt by the Clock (Video)

The pop star-turned-actor stars in Andrew Niccol’s “In Time,” a story where time is money and everyone is hot

The trailer for "In Time," Justin Timberlake's spotlights a world, not so far into the future, where luxury vehicles will set you back a few decades and your mom is a total babe.

And in this case played by an actress — Olivia Wilde — that's actually three years younger her leading man/on-screen son.

But wait, we can explain: In the movie, aging stops at 25, and those wishing to live past that must work for more time. Life expectancy is indicated by a running meter on the arm.

Timberlake's character ends up with more time than he could have ever imagined, and must run from a corrupt police who are out for his head.

It was written and directed by Andrew Niccol, who tackled sci-fi themes in 1997's "Gattaca.” The movie also stars Amanda Seyfried ("Mama Mia!") as the uber-wealthy class-slumming Sylvia Weis. Check out the trailer below: