Judd Apatow on Playing a ‘Generic A-hole Producer’ in James Franco’s ‘The Disaster Artist’

Filmmaker also rejects Franco’s comments about his cameo role in film about making of “The Room”

Judd Apatow in The Disaster Artist

Judd Apatow didn’t realize he was playing a version of himself when he signed on to a cameo role in “The Disaster Artist.”

TheWrap caught up with Apatow about his upcoming Netflix stand-up special, out December 12, and asked Apatow about his experience playing a caricature role.

“I was laughing with James Franco because when he asked me to do ‘The Disaster Artist,’ he said I would play an asshole producer,” the comedian told TheWrap. “So [in the movie], you see me, I’m dining with a very young woman and it all seems pretty awful and then I’m very mean to Tommy.”

“It’s not going to happen for you,” Apatow tells Franco as “The Room” creator Tommy Wiseau in the movie. “Not in a million years.”

“And then I read in the paper James is saying I’m playing a version of myself and I was like ‘James, I’m not playing a version of myself. I’m playing a generic asshole producer.’ But then I realized, maybe I am a generic asshole producer,” Apatow added with a laugh. 

“I never find anything about myself interesting, so whenever I accept an acting part–which is very rarely–I usually am only comfortable playing something a little more extreme.”

You can catch Apatow’s cameo when the movie hits theaters everywhere December 8.