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Judd Apatow Slams Bill Cosby Again: ‘I Have Had Sex With Less People Than He Raped’

”Trainwreck“ director rails against the accused rapist on social media

Judd Apatow continued berating alleged rapist Bill Cosby and many of his supporters over the weekend, just a day after the director shamed two Canadian venues that are allowing the comedian to perform in January.

“I always wonder why some people try so hard to not believe women who have been assaulted,” Apatow tweeted. “What is the root of that?”

But not everyone agreed with Apatow’s assessment of the situation. “Mind your own business!” Twitter user thebestshave responded after Apatow’s initial barrage of Cosby-related commentary.

“First of all, your Twitter handle is troubling,” Apatow responded. “Also, I am pretty sure I have had sex with less people than he raped.”

“Does @JuddApatow think he’s speaking for all Canadians? #goingtoseecosby,” asked katiebearpink.

“Imagine how those people felt to be losing consciousness and realizing what he was going to do. Unable to stop the nightmare,” Apatow said.

Some Twitter users pointed out that, despite the fact that Cosby has been accused of raping, drugging and or sexual assaulting dozens of women, none of it has been proven. “This is extortion … not proven to be truthful. What if someone accused you?” cherri_may asked.

“@cherri_may it is not extortion when most of the accusers do not want anything,” Apatow responded. “These are much older woman who suffered for decades.”

The “Trainwreck” director’s responses even got personal at one point.

“So if we can get a few people to accuse @JuddApatow of being a pedophile, then that makes it true too, right?” asked EricStambol.

“.@EricStambol that kind of attitude will get you 15 followers,” Apatow tweeted to his audience of 1.2 million. “Oh, it already did.”

“I think one in a Hundred thousand people support Cosby,” Apatow continued. “I am gonna stop responding to them so often. It is just maddening though. So cold.”

As TheWrap previously reported, Apatow blasted two different Ontario venues on Friday which refused to cancel upcoming Cosby live performances.

“Is Cosby only popular in Ontario Canada at this point? Do people still find him delightful after 30 accusers?” Apatow asked London, Ontario’s Budweiser Gardens, where Cosby is scheduled to perform on Jan. 8.

But a representative from the venue indicated that it’s obligated to allow Cosby to perform, regardless of whatever crimes he stands accused of committing.

“The promoters are contracted with Cosby and the venue is unable to break the contract, so the show will go on as scheduled,” Brian Ohl, Regional Vice President & General Manager of Budweiser Gardens told TheWrap.

Here are a few of Apatow’s many tweets: