Julia Fox Says She Felt ‘Compelled’ to Speak Up for Amber Heard During Depp Trial: ‘This Is Going to Damage Women’

“If it could happen to Amber Heard, who is a white, blonde, beautiful, successful actress, none of us are safe,” she said

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Actress Julia Fox explained why she supports Amber Heard after the Depp v. Heard trial when she appeared on this week’s episode of Emily Ratajkowski’s podcast, “High Low with EmRata.”

On Ratajkowski’s podcast, which puts out two episodes a week — the first involving a conversation with a guest and the second a solo episode unpacking a question — Ratajkowski recalled the wrath of pushback following her comment in support of Heard before asking Fox more about her stance on the domestic abuse surrounding the former couple.

“I feel like there is a little movement on TikTok where, after all the documents were released and people really read everything and read his assistant, or his manager’s testimony — I feel like there was kind of like a backtrack, but still the damage is done,” Fox said. “I did have to say something because if it could happen to Amber Heard, who is a white, blonde, beautiful, successful actress because people say that she had no career before but she did. She had over ten movies I think. So, it could really happen to — none of us are safe.”

Fox also incorporated other women’s rights issues — such as the recent overturning of Roe V. Wade and the struggle in the Middle East following the death of Mahsa Amini for not wearing her hijab properly — into the conversation.

“I just felt compelled to say something,” she continued. “I was like ‘Yeah, you guys are making comments but you don’t realize this is gonna damage women, all of humanity. All of the women in the world are gonna suffer from this.”

Fox then responded to Ratajkowski’s comment about how difficult it is for women to come out and describe such experiences of abuse.

“It’s hard to prove them because abuse is so insidious and sometimes you don’t even know you’re being abused,” she said. “And sometimes you’re being abused but you don’t wanna see yourself as a victim so you try to be tough and fight back so then it can be like ‘Oh but no we fight each other.’ Bitch, you know he whoops your f—in ass. Like stop. I only know because I’ve been there.”

She added that she always supports women because so often people choose not to believe the woman when she opens up about an experience of domestic violence.

“Obviously I always stand up for the women in the situation because I’ve been there and I know how lonely it is and how scary it is when people that you’ve known even your whole life are looking at you funny.,” she concluded. “It’s like ‘I’m not a liar.” Call me any name in the book but a liar, that’s not me.”