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Julianne Hough, Diablo Cody Hit Vegas in ‘Paradise’ Trailer

Nick Offerman and Russell Brand co-star in "Juno" writer's directorial debut

Julianne Hough plays a straight-laced conservative church-goer who lets her hair down after a tragic accident leads her to re-evaluate her life and even consider – gasp – voting Democrat in "Paradise."

A new trailer for the film, which marks "Juno" screenwriter Diablo Cody's directorial debut, hit the web last weekend and it overflows with her heavily stylized dialogue and quippy exchanges. It's an approach that has its fair share of detractors — audiences tend to either love or hate movies like "Jennifer's Body" and "Young Adult," depending on their tolerance for pop-culture references.

"I've got a heart full of rage and an L.L. Bean tote bag filled with cash," Hough says, while kicking off her journey.

Her exploration of self-discovery probably owes a debt of gratitude to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Bureau, as Hough's character spends most of her time finding herself on the Vegas Strip.

Nick Offerman, Russell Brand, Holly Hunter and Octavia Spencer co-star in the film, which premieres August 8 on DirecTV and gets released theatrically on October 18.


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