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Julianne Moore’s ‘Kingsman’ Sequel Villain Is Like ‘Martha Stewart on Crack’

”For this film, I needed a performer who could fill the shoes of Sam Jackson,“ director Matthew Vaughn says

After Samuel L. Jackson’s villain died in “Kingsman: The Secret Service,” director Matthew Vaughn needed an actor who could fill his shoes. Cue Julianne Moore, whose baddie Vaughn describes as “Martha Stewart on crack.”

“For this film, I needed a performer who could fill the shoes of Sam Jackson without any sense of intimidation,” Vaughn told Entertainment Weekly. “And someone who could make this character pretty insane but at the same time real. And though ‘Kingsman’ is hopefully a big popcorn film, I love to put fantastic, brilliant, Oscar-winning talent like Julianne Moore into crazy environments. That’s when we get magic happening.”

Moore’s character is a ruthless entrepreneur who works from a 1950’s-inspired street in the jungle, according to EW. Her name is Poppy and “she’s taken over the global drug business and wants to be on the Forbes list,” added Vaughn.

Her big dream is to legalize drugs worldwide.

“She has a speech where she goes, ‘Sugar is 10 times more addictive than cocaine. It causes more death and misery in America. Yet one is legal. Peddle that s– and you’re in the Forbes 500. Peddle coke and you’re in jail. What the f–!'” Vaughn explained. “So the points she’s making are not insane.”

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“Kingsman: The Golden Circle” also stars Taron Egerton, Colin Firth, Channing Tatum, Halle Berry, Pedro Pascal, Mark Strong and Jeff Bridges. It will hit theaters on Sept. 22.