‘Jumping the Broom’ Sweeps Away Initial Estimates with $15.2M Opening

T.D. Jakes film shattered tracking and only cost $6.6 million to produce

The romantic comedy "Jumping the Broom" was the weekend's surprise over-achiever.

Come Monday, it turned out that the faith and family themed film did even better than estimated.

Starring Angela Bassett and Paula Patton, the film actually made $15.2 million over the weekend in 2,035 locations, not the $13.7 million studios originally projected.

Earlier in the week, Sony had said it would be happy with a $10 million opening. 

Those initial grosses are outstanding for a movie that cost $6.6 million.

It may also mean that megachurch pastor turned producer T.D. Jakes has emerged as a true rival for Tyler Perry's crown.