Justin Bieber Follows Up Interview Hissy Fit With Onstage Tantrum (Video)

“What Do You Mean?” singer storms out of performance because of a messy fan

Getty Images

It’s a tough week to be Justin Bieber.

A day after Bieber stormed out of an interview with Spanish radio station, Vodafone yu, when he was asked to help break the Internet, the “What Do You Mean?” singer brought his bad attitude to Norway, where he pulled a disappearing act during a performance.

According to TMZ, the meltdown occurred during a TV performance in the capital city of Oslo, after a fan messed up the stage by spilling liquid on it.

“What are you doing? Stop it! Come on, I said stop it,” Bieber protested.

To his credit, the “Baby” singer attempted to wipe the liquid up off the stage, but when the audience interfered, Bieber reached his snapping point.

“Guys, never mind. I’m done. I’m not doing the show,” the singer huffed, walking off the stage.

America, take note: That is how you make Justin Bieber disappear.

Don’t go away, Biebs … just go away.

As for everyone else, watch Bieber walk offstage in the video.