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Justin Bieber Mocks Orlando Bloom With Weepy Photo: Hollywood Twitter Takes the Bait

The young singer and considerably less young actor beat out Keifer Sutherland and Freddie Prinze Jr. for the week’s most ridiculous feud

Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom‘s ridiculous feud continued Wednesday, providing comedic fodder across Hollywood social media.

The pop star fired the most recent shot when he shared a caption-less photo of Bloom looking weepy on Instagram. Bieber eventually deleted the picture, but not before thousands of Beliebers “liked” it.

In case the rock you live under doesn’t have a strong wi-fi signal, here’s a recap of how this all started:

Cameras caught the 37-year-old actor, best known for playing an elf, accosted the 20-year-old singer, who once famously abandoned a monkey in Germany, in Ibiza late Tuesday evening. The footage shows Bloom approaching Bieber and lunging at him. Some outlets are speculating that the lunge occurred after Bieber made a sexual comment about Miranda Kerr, the actor’s ex-wife and baby mama.

Considering Bloom is deadly with a bow in five Middle Earth movies and scary with a sword in three “Pirates” films, his form was wholly disappointing. Furthermore, the actor is old enough to be Bieber’s father, which is why this replaces Kiefer Sutherland and Freddie Prinze Jr.’s “24”-gate as the most ridiculously intriguing feud of the week.

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Belieb it or not, this Bloom-Bieber brouhaha quickly caught Hollywood’s attention.

Here is the picture the “Boyfriend” singer posted:



And here are Hollywood’s most entertaining tweets on the subject:








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Kerr hasn’t yet offered any comment, unless you count the topless photo the Victoria’s Secret Angel uploaded to Instagram. Adding fuel to the fire, perhaps?


Watch the video footage of Bieber and Bloom’s Spanish scrum: