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Justin Bieber Spanked Over Monkey Lodging Fees

The pop star's confiscated capuchin is in danger of being turned over to a German zoo

Justin Bieber has a monkey bill on his back.

The "Boyfriend" singer is on the hook for thousands of dollars stemming from a lodging bill for his pet capuchin monkey, which was confiscated by German authorities in March.

The Associated Press reports that the Munich customs office gave Bieber until midnight on Friday to produce paperwork for the monkey, named Mally, or else lose the creature permanently to a zoo or animal farm.

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German customs officials seized Bieber's monkey (presumably with a firm, passionate grip) on March 28, after Bieber was unable to cough up the proper paperwork for the capuchin upon arriving in Munich on a tour stop. Now German officials have given Bieber a midnight deadline to provide the documentation. 

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"If no further documents arrive then the seizure order comes into effect and the animal becomes the property of the German state," Thomas Meister, a spokesman for German customs, said. 

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The customs offices have since closed up for a three-day weekend, meaning that Mally's fate will hang in the balance until Tuesday, when it becomes clear if the paperwork has arrived.

Aside from the paperwork, Bieber owes thousands of dollars for the cost of caring for Mally (pictured above) for the past two months.

"You can bet we are going to ask for that money back," customs spokesman Meister told the Associated Press.

And if Bieber fails to pay up? Perhaps Mally can launch an online crowd-funding campaign over the weekend to pay his debt to German society.