Kamala Harris Says Trump Is No Longer Dog Whistling Dictator Aspirations: ‘It Is a Gigantic Bark’ | Video

“Believe him, believe how crazy he is,” “I’ve Had It” podcast cohost Jennifer Welch says

Kamala Harris, Donald Trump
Kamala Harris, Donald Trump (Credit: Getty Images)

Vice President Kamala Harris said in a podcast interview that former President Donald Trump is no longer dog whistling his aspirations to be a dictator: “It is a gigantic bark.”

In the above preview clip of the “I’ve Had It” podcast interview, set to drop Tuesday, hosts Jennifer Welch and Angie (Pumps) Sullivan asked Harris if she’s “had it or hit it” with Trump.

“Totally had it — had it over and over and over again,” Harris said. “There’s so much at stake in this election.”

Sullivan felt the same, emphasizing, “I don’t think it’s hyperbolic to say this genuinely could be the last democratic election we ever have.”

“You’re right,” Harris said.

Welch added: “Donald Trump is telling us that he wants to be a dictator, and if we’ve learned one thing about this man: believe him. Believe how crazy he is, because he telegraphs it.”

“That’s exactly right,” Harris agreed.

“He tells it, there’s no hoodwinking — over and over again, and on Truth Social at 3 a.m. in cap locks and then the next morning on Newsmax. I mean, it’s nonstop,” Welch continued.

“There is literally, there is no whisper,” Harris emphasized, concluding the preview clip. “There is no dog whistle. It’s, like, a gigantic bark.”

Watch the clip in the video embed above.

The term “dog whistle” in this case means a subtler political message intended for a particular group — one that does not explicitly stating the potentially offensive message.

Trump said the now infamous, “I’ll be a dictator on Day 1,” back in December, which led his opponents on the left to warn he should be taken seriously. Supporters on the right, meanwhile, believe, as Fox News host Jess Watters put it, the dictator claims are a “hoax.”

In a separate clip previewing Tuesday’s podcast, Harris said, “Elected leaders, they’re the ones who can propose laws and pass them. That are either about an expansion of rights or a restriction of rights. They are the ones who will often have a bouquet of microphones in front of them. And are they then using that in a way that is projecting strength through compassion or empathy, or thinking of it in some perverse way that to be strong means you beat people down.”

The Harris episode of “I’ve Had It” will be released Tuesday on all podcast platforms and on YouTube.

Watch the “gigantic bark” preview clip in the video above.


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