Chris Cuomo Shuts Down Kanye West’s Anti-Semitic ‘Jewish Underground Media Mafia’ Claims in Unhinged Interview (Video)

The rapper Ye, formerly West, joined the “Cuomo” host to discuss his recent news-making

Ye, the rapper and multi-hyphenate artist formerly known as Kanye West, sat with Chris Cuomo Monday night to address his recent anti-semitic social media messages that got him kicked off of Twitter and Instagram.

Earlier Monday, Ye’s social media journey continued with the announcement of his intentions to buy the right-wing Parler platform. Sitting with Cuomo that evening, instead of making a well-intentioned effort to clear his name, however, Ye doubled down on much of what he had to say, claiming that “the Jewish underground media mafia” were attacking him before those Tweets. He specifically cited when he wore his now-infamous “White Lives Matter” shirt to Paris Fashion Week earlier this month.

“When I wore the White Lives Matter T-shirt, the Jewish underground media mafia already started attacking me,” Ye said, adding, “They just immediately disrespect me. They keep the crazy narrative going. They never call me a billionaire.”

As the meandering, 20-minute interview unfolded, and as more claims such as these came to light, Cuomo did interject to emphasize that Ye had to understand the consequences and the falsehoods of his opinions.

“Look at how your point was gonna start: ‘You have to understand,’” Ye responded. “But the thing is, the Jewish people that I’m talking about don’t have to understand, and that is that privilege that I’m not gonna allow.”

To the claim that “over 50% of the executives in Hollywood, the CEOs, are Jewish” and that “these guys know each other,” Cuomo interjected: “That’s different than saying it’s a mafia and that they act as Jews in some way as opposed to just being businessmen.”

The interaction largely continued on with the two men speaking over one another.

Watch the Ye’s full “Cuomo” interview in the video above.