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Kanye West Magically Casts a Fan From His Floating Stage (Video)

See, this is why you don’t try to bum-rush the ”Life of Pablo“ rapper’s show

Wow; apparently Kanye West’s magic skills are as impressive as his musical skills.

“The Life of Pablo” rapper West showed off a neat trick during a concert stop in Atlanta on Monday, when an overzealous fan tried to climb aboard his floating stage.

As the fan attempted to make his way onto the levitating stage, West approached the concertgoer and waved his hand at him. At which point, poof! The fan dropped from the structure.

And West didn’t even have a magic wand or anything.

OK, so maybe the rapper had an assist from gravity and an unsure grip on the fan’s part. But still. Pretty impressive.

“A dude really tried climbing on stage with Kanye,” a concertgoer tweeted, along with a video snippet of the moment.

Hopefully this feat of prestidigitation doesn’t give Kanye a big head or anything.

Watch West work his magic above.