Kanye West Promises New Album This Summer, Will Also Fix the Grammys

The rapper also wants the world to know, “I love me so much right now”

Kanye West will get some serious blisters on his fingertips if he keeps tweeting at this pace.

The rapper blew up his Twitter account with a barrage of tweets on Wednesday, announcing that he will have a new album available this summer.

He also vowed to fix the Grammys, which the rapper claims to have “a problem with.”

One thing that West doesn’t have a problem with? Himself.

“I’m not even gon lie to you. I love me so much right now,” West also tweeted on Wednesday.

In his lengthy Twitter barrage, West declared, “Hi Grammys this is the most important living artist talking. If I’m not at the show next year then there is no show.”

The rapper also implored National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences president Neil Portnow to contact him, so that West can help him save the Grammys from ruin.

And how does West intend to do so?

“First order of business. We the people need to see Future at the Grammys,” West asserted. “We need to see Young Thug at the Grammys. Not just me and Jay in a suit.”

Declaring that he’s no longer reined in by a “slave mindset,” West added, “I’m free,” continuing, “I’m free,”

For emphasis, West also added, “I’m free.”

West — whose latest album, “The Life of Pablo,” was released this month — made headlines with a performance Tuesday night in which he savaged his ex-girlfriend Amber Rose and his frequent nemesis Taylor Swift.

However, judging by his tweets on Wednesday, the rapper had a more positive outlook in the light of day.

“It’s a beautiful time. I love my friends. I love my family. I love people. The human race,” West wrote.