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Kanye West Sued for Copyright Infringement

Hip-hop star sued by Hungarian composer Gabor Presser over ”Yeezus“ single ”New Slaves“

Kanye West is being sued for copyright infringement over the 2013 song “New Slaves.”

According to a complaint filed by Hungarian composer Gabor Presser in the Southern District Court of New York on Friday, the hip-hop star “knowingly and intentionally misappropriated” one of Presser’s songs for the “Yeezus” track without obtaining a signed license agreement.

“New Slaves” heavily samples Presser’s 1969 composition “Gyongyhaju Lany,” which the suit describes as “one of the most beloved pop songs ever in Hungary and across Eastern Europe,” but Presser was not made aware until after the song was used in a promotion for the 2013 album.

The suit also claims that Presser has not been paid for the past two years for his song’s use, aside from a $10,000 “advance” check, currently being held by his attorneys.

This is not the first time West has found himself in legal trouble over his music.

Last month, he was sued over his most recent album, “The Life of Pablo,” when angry fans claimed they were tricked into signing up for his music streaming service Tidal by being led to believe the album would not be available through any other outlet.

Pamela Chelin contributed to this report.