Kanye West’s Sunday Service at Coachella Sparks Praise – and ‘Teletubbies’ Comparisons

“The Life of Pablo” rapper brought his service to annual music festival on Easter

2015 MTV Video Music Awards Kanye West
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Maybe Kanye West should consider enlisting Tinky Winky for his next collaboration.

“The Life of Pablo” rapper’s Easter Sunday service at the Coachella festival, which was streamed on Coachella’s YouTube channel, generated plenty of interest on social media.

It also generated more than one comparison to the cherished children’s show “Teletubbies.”

The service, which was scheduled for 9 a.m. Sunday, took place on a green hill at the festival in Indio, California, with West and other participants draped in light purple and pink clothing.

The setting prompted more than one Twitter user to invoke the British kids’ show.

“kanye west sunday service stage at coachella,” wrote one Twitter user, who included a screen shot from “Teletubbies.”

The pinhole view of the service provided by Coachella’s YouTube channel also drew a number of wisecracks, as did the punctuality — or lack thereof — of the event.

“If Kanye don’t come out in the next 10 mins I’m going to a real church #SundayService,” wrote one fan.

“If you’ve ever been to a Black church, you knew the start time was never going to be 9,” observed another member of the Twitterati.

Still, the service drew praise from a good many fans.

“If Kanye’s #SundayService was my church experience, I would in that church every single Sunday praising in the front row,” wrote one Twitter user.

“Kanye West is leading a Gospel music set at Coachella and killing it. I like where music is heading,” read another response.

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