Karamo Brown Plans to Stay on ‘Queer Eye’ While Hosting Daytime Talk Show: ‘I Love Those 4 Yahoos’

“I’m hoping we at least go to Season 10, or at least 12,” the “Karamo” host tells TheWrap

"Queer Eye" (Netflix)

As Karamo Brown enters the second season of his daytime talk show, “Karamo,” he has no intention to leave “Queer Eye,” which he praises as giving him is start in the industry.

“I’m so blessed to have my own daytime talk show, but it’s because of ‘Queer Eye,’” Brown told TheWrap ahead of the premiere of the second installment of the daytime talker. “Yes, of course, I did the work — I worked in social services for many years and I show people my skills — but that show gave me the platform and allowed people to believe in me and to see what I could do.”

For Brown, the Netflix series enabled viewers to witness his ability to connect on an emotional level with a wide variety of people, pointing to a Season 7 episode of “Queer Eye” where Brown, alongside fellow Fab Five members Tan France, Jonathan Van Ness, Bobby Berk and Antoni Porowski worked with eight men living in a frat house.

“The network was like, ‘we’re not sure how you’re going to be able to handle eight people,’ and I was like, ‘Well, I’ve been doing group counseling forever,’” Brown said. “I’m doing groups on my talk show [in which] I have four to five guests who sit in front of me because they’re family telling me about their issues, and I’m able to listen and hear all of them and solve it … and ‘Queer Eye’ gave me the opportunity to show people… they could trust me.”

With seven seasons of “Queer Eye” currently out, Brown revealed the crew had already filmed Season 8, and hopes the series continues for several additional installments.

“I want to go back, because I love those four yahoos that I work with,” Brown said. “I just really hope that we continue to go on — we’re only in Season 7. We’ve already shot Season 8 before all of this [the Hollywood double strike] went down. So I’m hoping we at least go to Season 10, or at least 12.”

“Queer Eye” Seasons 1-7 are now streaming on Netflix.


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