‘Karate Kid’ Kicks It Up a Notch: $18.8M at Friday Box Office

On pace to almost double its pre-release tracking, Sony remake is the first hit of the summer; ‘A-Team’ disappoints at $9.7M

Last Updated: June 13, 2010 @ 9:11 AM

After a painfully slow start, the summer box office has its first hit with the Sony remake of the 1980s bully-backlash classic "The Karate Kid."

Meanwhile, Fox’s remake of the 1980s fun-loving mercenaries-themed "The A-Team" did Friday what pretty much every other big film has done at the domestic box office this spring — disappoint.

Finishing with $18.8 million Friday, according to studio estimates, the $40 million "Karate Kid" is on pace to finish the weekend with over $50 million — way above pre-release tracking estimates in the $30 million-$35 million range.

Shot almost entirely in China by little-known director Harald Zwart, and starring Jaden Smith in the picked-on role made famous by original player Ralph Macchio, and featuring Jackie Chan in Pat Morita’s martial-arts master role, kid is the first wide release in the first month-and-a-half of the summer moviegoing season to exceed tracking.

"A-Team," meanwhile, was also projected in the $30 million-$35 million range, but likely won’t crack $30 million.

The PG-13-rated film, shot for $95 million, according to Fox, grossed just $9.7 million Friday. It was directed by Joe Carnahan ("Smoking Aces") and stars Liam Neeson and Bradley Cooper.

Meanwhile, finally knocked out of first place after four weeks of release, DreamWorks Animation 3D film "Shrek Forever After" took in $4.4 million Friday — a drop of only around 32 percent — and will pass the $200 million domestic mark this weekend.

Overall, the North American market was up 13 percent over the same weekend last year, according to one studio’s estimate.

Here’s a look at the top 10 at Friday’s North American box office:

“The Karate Kid” ($18.8m)
“The A-Team” ($9.7m)
“Shrek Forever After” ($4.4m)
“Get Him to the Greek” ($3.3m)
“Killers” ($2.8m)
“Prince of Persia” ($2.0m)
“Marmaduke” ($1.9m)
“Sex and the City 2” ($1.9m)
“Iron Man 2” ($1.3m)
“Robin Hood” ($786,000)