Kate McKinnon Says Secret to Justin Bieber Imitation Is Looking Like a Puppy Who Just Piddled (Video)

The “SNL” star reveals the secret to her uncanny Justin Bieber impression

“SNL” star Kate McKinnon revealed the blueprint to her famous imitation of troubled pop star Justin Bieber on “Conan” Monday.

“What is the key to inhabiting Justin Bieber?” Conan O’Brien asked.

“It’s like looking like a puppy who just piddled and is sort of sorry about it,” McKinnon said.

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“And he’s got those Jolie-Pitt lips,” McKinnon said. “Those lips don’t quit.”

O’Brien asked what he was like when she met him.

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“He has the swagger of a gang leader and the face of a member of the Sistine Chapel,” she said.

“A gang leader who just relieved himself on the carpet,” O’Brien joked.

Watch the video: