Kate Upton Battles Tony Hale by Getting Drunk in Lady Antebellum’s ‘Bartender’ Music Video

Supermodel-actress squares off against Hale’s bartender in a bizarre match that sees her drinking whatever he serves her

Last Updated: July 16, 2014 @ 4:34 PM

We’re not sure what’s going on in Lady Antebellum’s new music video for their single “Bartender,” but it’s got supermodel Kate Upton (“The Other Woman”) slamming down drinks as fast as “Veep’s” Tony Hale can make them.

It’s some sort of competition, the rules of which are never explained and are completely indiscernible. Hale is the bartender when Upton and her friends come in. He starts pouring drinks, and Upton drinks them. That’s kind of it.

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Except that there are ring girls like it’s a boxing match, and Hale gets more and more animated as he creates varying drinks with increasing flourish. Apparently by asking for a round for her friends, Upton was asking for Hale to start Round 1 of their epic battle.

Oh, and the whole thing happens on a soundstage with sparse set pieces to create the illusion of different locales, and Tony Hale has a weird tribal neck tattoo.

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Of course, it’s about getting drunk and then continuing to drink. Probably best not to overthink it too much. Just order another round.