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‘Wonder Wheel’ Trailer: Kate Winslet, Justin Timberlake Take on 1950s Coney Island (Video)

Jim Belushi and Juno Temple also star in Woody Allen Film

Amazon Studios released the first trailer for Woody Allen’s latest film “Wonder Wheel,” which is opening at the New York Film Festival (NYFF) next week.

This not only marks the first time Allen has had an awards season film since “Match Point” in 2005, but also the first film that Amazon will distribute on its own.

The story follows four people whose lives intersect at the Coney Island amusement park during the 1950s. Kate Winslet plays Ginny, a former actress turned waitress who’s married to a carousel operator named Humpty, played by Jim Belushi. Elsewhere is a lifeguard named Mickey, played by Justin Timberlake and Carolina — Humpty’s daughter who’s hiding out from mobsters — played by Juno Temple.

Mickey narrates the story, although it’s unclear if the story is true or he’s embellished it.

Either way, there’s a lot going on. Ginny and Humpty fight as Humpty struggles with drinking, mobsters arrive on the boardwalk, Ginny berates Carolina, and there’s shots of the amusement park.

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“When it comes to love we often turn out to be our own worst enemy,” Winslet’s Ginny says.

“Wonder Wheel” premieres at the conclusion of the NYFF on Oct. 14. Then Amazon will distribute the film in select theaters starting Dec. 1.