Kathy Griffin Poses With Donald Trump’s Bloody, Decapitated Head (Video)

Comedian says she’s “not afraid to do images that make noise”

Comedian Kathy Griffin has kicked up controversy again by posing for a photo with a severed head bearing a strong resemblance to President Donald Trump.

The image (below), which shows the comedian holding up a bloodied and swollen head, were posted on photographer Tyler Shields’ blog on Tuesday, along with a behind-the-scenes video explaining the concept.

“Tyler and I are not afraid to do images that make noise,” Griffin says in the video, after praising Shields as “wildly talented.”

As she predicted, the image of Griffin holding up the severed head which bears likeness to the president of the United States has not been well-received online. Some Twitter users have gone as far as to call on CNN to cut ties with Griffin, who annually hosts the network’s New Year’s Eve coverage alongside Anderson Cooper.

“If you’re CNN, you announce immediately that Kathy Griffin will no longer be hosting your New Year’s Eve special right now w/o hesitation,” wrote one user. “Who was it that said women have to do more and more outrageous things as they get older (and less appealing)? Kathy Griffin fits the bill,” wrote another.

Griffin has been an outspoken critic of Trump’s since he took office. Most notably, she referred to the president as an “idiot” on MSNBC’s “Hardball” back in March, shortly after Trump’s address to Congress.

“He just says one hateful thing after the other,” she told host Chris Matthews. “He’s so embarrassing.”

kathy griffin
Photo: Tyler Shields

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