Kathy Hilton Addresses Criticism to Footage of Meeting Grandson Phoenix: ‘I Could See Myself Shaking’

Paris Hilton surprised her mother with her baby in a viral clip from Peacock’s “Paris in Love”

Kathy Hilton at DirecTV XMAS at Kathy's in Bel Air, California on November 28, 2023. (Photo by Phil/Phil)

Kathy Hilton read the online criticism to footage of her meeting and holding her grandson Phoenix for the very first time, and she chalks her shaky reaction to nerves, not inexperience.

Hilton had no idea that she even had a grandson until her daughter Paris introduced him in a surprise reveal following her use of a surrogate, which was filmed for Season 2 of her Peacock show, “Paris in Love.”

Both Hiltons appeared on “Today With Hoda and Jenna” earlier this week to promote the show, which premieres Thursday.

You can watch the clip below:

“That was my first time seeing [that scene] on the ‘Today’ show,” Hilton told TheWrap at the DirecTV Celebrates Christmas at Kathy’s holiday event on Tuesday. “I had not seen any of the footage.”

“I teared up. I teared up,” she replied when asked how it felt watching it back for the first time.”

Hilton said she was overwhelmed with emotion during the meeting but emphasized she does know how to hold a baby properly. In addition to Paris, she has another daughter, Nicky Rothschild, two sons — Barron and Conrad — and multiple grandkids.

“Obviously I could see myself shaking,” she admitted. “And I read some fans that said, ‘She’s holding it [wrong].’ Well, I’m used to a 9.5-pound baby. With the long legs. And that baby [Phoenix] was so little.”

Rothschild, who was also in attendance at the DirecTV event, told TheWrap she had an equally emotional reaction.

“I gotta say, when I saw that clip I definitely got a lump in my throat,” she told TheWrap. As for her own meeting with her nephew, Rothschild teased, “You’ll see it on the show.”

Hilton joked about hosting her ever-expanding family at her Bel Air mansion, saying, “It gets bigger and bigger. I guess we’ll have to get a bigger house.”

Season 2 of “Paris in Love” is now streaming on Peacock.


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