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Katt Williams Gets Into Fight With 7th Grader and Loses (Video)

Incident is latest in bizarre string of behavior from comedian

Katt Williams needs to stop hitting people. Or at least take some boxing lessons.

Williams got into a physical altercation with a boy who is reportedly a seventh grader — and the whole incident was caught on video.

The 42-year-old comedian was talking with the boy when he suddenly struck him in the face. Another person standing nearby caught the rest of the exchange, which saw the young man take the comedian to the ground and sink in a choke hold. Onlookers eventually pulled the boy off of Williams.

“Back up off me, little boy,” Willams says on the video. To be fair, the two are about the same size.

Representatives for Williams did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment.

The fight is the latest in a string of bad press for Williams. Last week, he was slapped with a lawsuit by a woman who claims she received a severe beatdown while visiting his home.

In the suit filed March 17 in the Los Angeles Superior Court, Jamila Majesty says she was invited to Williams’ Malibu, California, home, only to be “imprisoned” and “tortured” in his bathroom.

Majesty claims that a group of Williams’ “female companions/housemates” who were also at the home descended on her and punched her during a beating that went on for three hours, after Williams became angry that she used his bathroom.

At one point, the suit claims, Williams himself burned Majesty in the face with a lit cigarette. The lawsuit also claims Williams “slapped Plaintiff several times and punched her in the ribs in addition to beating her with the group of women.”

Earlier this month, Williams jumped onstage at a rap show in Philadelphia, only to take a swing at somebody and then getting beaten down himself.

Everything started, however, with Williams getting arrested for allegedly assaulting an employee at a pool store in Gainesville, Georgia in late February.

Sgt. Kevin Holbrook said an employee told officers that Williams began arguing with another store worker, who threw a pair of goggles at the comedian. Williams then allegedly made his way behind the counter and punched the employee.