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Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’ Accused of Ripping Off Music Video Concept Too, (Video)

A producer is claiming the singer copied his "Messages" video

Katy Perry has had a rough couple of days.

First, her new single "Roar" leaked early on the internet. Almost immediately, a fury of online backlash accused the pop star of ripping off Sara Bareilles "Brave." The two songs do sound eerily similar.

Now, Perry is being accused of ripping off the music video concept for "Roar," too. Producer Dillon Francis tweeted Monday that Perry jacked the concept from his "Messages" video.

See video: Is Katy Perry's 'Roar' a Knockoff of Sara Bareilles' 'Brave'?

Here are Francis' tweets:

The two videos, which you can watch below, are strikingly alike. 

As if that was not enough drama for one week, Perry's gigantic golden promotional truck (Left) for her upcoming album "Prism" was hit by a drunk driver as well, according to TMZ.

But on the plus side, MTV announced yesterday that Perry would perform her live debut of "Roar" at its Video Music Awards in Brooklyn. So there's that, right?

Watch the two music videos for comparison: