Kelly Clarkson Surprises Street Singer Who ‘Had No Idea Who I Was’ With ‘What’s Love Got to Do With It’ (Video)

The “Since U Been Gone” singer says that the Las Vegas moment “made my day”

Singer Kelly Clarkson, a woman with light-toned skin and blonde hair, wears a black top and multiple necklaces, mostly gold.
Kelly Clarkson (Getty Images)

Kelly Clarkson made someone’s day this weekend — even if she had no idea who Clarkson was at first. The “My Life Would Suck Without You” singer shared on TikTok that she was heading toward soundcheck in Las Vegas when she paused to tip “this incredible woman killing some Tina Turner.” The woman didn’t recognize her, but asked Clarkson to sing, so she happily obliged.

“And then it hit her, and it made my day!” Clarkson added. “She gives the best hugs and sings her tail off! See ya tonight Vegas ❤️ #iHeartFestival2023.”

With both of their joy, watch the two making each other’s day:


I was on my way to soundcheck for @iHeartRadio tonight in Vegas and was tipping this incredible woman killing some Tina Turner and then she asked me to sing and had no clue who I was, and then it hit her, and it made my day! She gives the best hugs and sings her tail off! See ya tonight Vegas ❤️ #iHeartFestival2023

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In the 30-second clip, Clarkson is captured singing Turner’s iconic hit “What’s Love Go To Do With It?” when the Vegas singer suddenly screams and realizes who is singing. The woman points at Clarkson and the pair embrace, twice.

Clarkson has seemed especially fond of surprising fans and unsuspecting strangers before. In June she showed up at a karaoke event before the release of her record “Chemistry” and joined fans who were singing her songs before turning up to perform at subway stations in the days that followed. In September 2022, she sang her hit “Since U Been Gone” alongside a self-described “superfan” outside the Today show.

Clarkson recently released the deluxe version of her “Chemistry” album, featuring her daughter River Rose singing with her on a previously unreleased song. The album is themed around her breakup with her now ex-husband.