Kelly Ripa on Crutches for Stress Fracture

“Live!” co-host has to lay off exercise for three to six weeks

For once, Kelly Ripa is the half of "Live! With Regis and Kelly" dealing with medical issues.

Ripa came onstage on crutches for Wednesday's show, explaining that she has a stress fracture in the femural neck of her right hip.

"When I went to this hospital there was a receiving line of Regis' former surgeons shaking my hand," she said, telling co-host Regis Philbin: "There was a picture of you autographed in every office, I'm not kidding, and every waiting room, my hand to God."

Philbin, has toughed out a series of ailments: He had a blood clot removed this year, hip-replacement last year, triple bypass surgery in 2007, and an angioplasty in 1993.

Ripa, an avid runner and dancer, said she'll have to take a break from exercise for three to six weeks. Philbin disclosed that he, too, had a medical problem: He sliced his hand with a box cutter over the weekend and needed a few stitches.

"You cut yourself backstage, didn't you?" Ripa joked. "You saw my crutches and you cut yourself backstage."