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Kelly Ripa Reveals Another Batch of Guest Co-Hosts, Including 2 Frontrunners for the Gig

Oh, and Chris Pratt too

We now know yet another batch of upcoming Kelly Ripa guest co-hosts, and the week’s small stable includes the returns of a few frontrunners for the permanent gig.

It also includes Busy Philipps and Chris Pratt, who are, ah, not in the running.

Here’s the “Live With Kelly” guest co-host schedule for the week of September 19-23, 2016:
Monday, Sept. 19 – Actress Busy Philipps
Tuesday, Sept. 20 – Actor Jussie Smollett
Wednesday, Sept. 21 – Actor Jussie Smollett
Thursday, Sept. 22 – Actor Mark Consuelos
Friday, Sept. 23 – Actor Chris Pratt

Smollett has been one of Ripa’s regular guest co-hosts on “Live” since Michael Strahan headed for the hills — a.k.a. “Good Morning America” — last spring. There has been some speculation that the singer/actor is considering leaving his Fox hit “Empire” sooner rather than later — perhaps the multi-hyphenate will add “Syndicated Daytime Talk Show Host” to his growing resume.

As for Consuelos, well, he’s Ripa’s husband, which would sure save the family some commuting and insurance costs should the two tackle the show together permanently. “Live” officially kicked off its Season 29 on Tuesday.

In accordance, TheWrap recently identified the 10 most probable full-time Strahan replacements, ranking the men by their Positive Q Scores — an industry accepted measurement of likability. Check those stats out here — we practically guarantee that No. 1 will surprise you. (Spoilers: Smollett is No. 2, Consuelos is, um, not.)