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Kellyanne Conway Denies She’s Been Sidelined From TV: ‘Somebody Is Trying to Stir Up Trouble’

”About five percent of what I am being asked to do in this White House counselor role is TV,“ Conway tells Fox News’ Sean Hannity; ”He’s the president now, he’s his own messenger“

Senior White House adviser Kellyanne Conway dismissed reports that she has been sidelined from TV  during a lengthy interview with Sean Hannity … on TV.

“You were never sidelined,” the Fox News host said to Conway during Wednesday night’s episode of “Hannity.”

“I was not, somebody is trying to stir up trouble,” she replied. “About five percent of what I am being asked to do in this White House counselor role is TV, and I think that’s about right. Because he’s [Trump] the president now, he’s his own messenger.

“Just last week, he held a press conference. 77 minutes, took 17 questions,” Conway boasted, sparking a round of applause from the audience. “Then two days later he was at a rally in Florida, so he’s best messenger — we don’t need to be out there all the time.”

Conway was responding to a CNN report that she was benched from television appearances for a week for making statements that were at odds with the administration’s official stance. Most notably about former national security adviser Michael Flynn — just hours before he resigned.

And who can forget her statements about the infamous “Bowling Green massacre“? Or her coining of the phrase “alternative facts.” Or her glowing — and ethically questionable — endorsement of Ivanka Trump’s wares?

However, Conway stressed on “Hannity” she and Trump are totally in sync and it’s just all the haters out stirring up the pot.

“There are some people trying to get in my way, I’ve also gobbled up a lot of people’s TV opportunities, so there’s some resentment on the outside I believe, and folks just trying to use me as clickbait in a headline.

“But I am only there to serve the president, who is there to serve the American people. And I know very clearly what the portfolio includes, what I am supposed to do with his senior team, and I’m very comfortable with that,” she continued.

“In the Trump White House, we’re playing long ball, long haul,” Conway said, stumbling to find the right catchphrase.

“I don’t think I need to explain myself, if I’m out with four kids for three days looking at houses and schools. A lot of my colleagues are trying to be a mother of four kids, I assure you,” she said, explaining her absence from the airwaves.

“It’s not even worth arguing because it doesn’t bother us, some things are really small — and the presidency and vice presidency with Mike Pence are really, really big. They are going to do things that impact people’s lives,” she concluded.

Click here to watch video of the Fox News interview.