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Twitter Erupts Over Kendrick Lamar and Don Cheadle Rap Battle (Video)

”I never knew I needed to see Don Cheadle rap before but clearly I did,“ said one fan on Twitter about the video for Lamar’s new single ‘DNA’

Don Cheadle may be an Academy Award nominated actor, but as it turns out he’s also pretty darn good at rapping Kendrick Lamar verses.

On Tuesday, Lamar released the music video for “DNA”, the second single off his new album “Damn.” The spot features Cheadle as a cop who, attempting to interrogate Lamar, ends up possessed by the rapper instead, sparking a rap battle between the two.

The video starts off with the “House of Lies” actor in full “bad cop” mode, scoffing at the rapper and remarking at how absurd it is that he has two first names — Kendrick and Lamar.

“You know what DNA stands for? Dead N—– Association,” says Cheadle before sitting down by a lie detector test. As soon as he touches the machine, he transforms from a hostile police officer to an entirely different person. The 52-year-old actor then begins rapping the verses of “DNA,” and the pair start alternating bars.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter could just not handle it — mostly due to Cheadle’s cameo.

Others felt that all respect needed to be given to the actor’s rap hands though.

Watch the video above.

See some of the best reactions below.