Kevin Hart Set to Release Rap Album as Alter Ego Chocolate Droppa

Actor/comedian will release project this fall with Motown Records

Marvin Gaye. Stevie Wonder. Rick James. Kevin Hart?

Comedian Hart has signed a deal with Motown Records to record as his rapping alter ego, Chocolate Droppa.

Hart’s maiden offering will drop in the fall, according to Billboard, which first reported the news.

No further information regarding the project, such as who Hart might be collaborating with, was released.

The actor/comedian confirmed the news via social media on Thursday, writing, “Y’all thought that Droppa was playing….Game over Motha Fucka’s….I’m BACK!!!”

Hart also included a video of him showing off his rapping skills and giving notice to his musical rivals, dropping lines such as, “Got a b–ch looking at me like she’s eating bad cheese and Triscuits” and, “Drake, Future, Jay Z, 2 Chainz, I’m about to smack all y’all on the behind.”

In an Instagram post, Hart cautioned, “If you’re a rapper I suggest you run because I’m about to come for all of you sucka’s….Y’all just knocked on the door of a small giant that loves chicken nuggets and long walks in the park in the summer….which basically means that I will kill everybody!!!!”

Watch Hart — uh, Chocolate Droppa – unleash his rap fury below.