Kevin Hart Trolls Dwayne Johnson for Halloween, Re-Creates Iconic Fanny Pack Outfit (Photo)

Actor even showed up on The Rock’s doorstep to do some trick-or-treating

Kevin Hart Dwayne Johnson halloween

The love/hate relationship between Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart lives on!

For Halloween, Hart trolled The Rock by recreating Johnson’s iconic ’90s outfit, including black turtleneck, fanny pack, silver chain, and that casual left lean.

“This s— makes me laugh,” Hart posted on Instagram, before using the hashtags #NailedIt #HappyHalloween #PeepTheNapkinUnderMyElbow.

Johnson posted a video on his Instagram account to promote the final trailer for “Jumanji: The Next Level,” in which Johnson and Hart costar.

“Of all the things my best friend @KevinHart4real can dress up as for Halloween,” Johnson wrote. “He comes back from injury to stick me with this dirty, rotten, HEARTLESS LOW BLOW. Love ya brother. Good to have you back.”

In the video, trick-or-treaters show up to Johnson’s house dressed up as the four main characters from his “Jumanji” reboot. His next guest is Hart, dressed in the infamous outfit.

“All you gotta do is go to the costume store and say, ‘Make me look stupid,’” Hart tells Johnson about his costume.

“I am giving out the good stuff, I’m not giving it to you!” Johnson responds. “Here’s what you get: it’s tiny, bit-sized, like you!”

Johnson and Hart have duked it out (out of love) on social media for years, bantering back and forth and pranking each other for the good of us watching. Hart just reappeared on Instagram this week after he was involved in a car crash in September that left him with major back injuries.

Watch the video below.