Kevin Sorbo Fires Back at Blogger, Denies Children’s Book Is Anti-LGBTQ: ‘This Guy Has No Clue’

The actor, who blasted gender-affirming care for minors while promoting the new release, says it is simply about a brave lion cub

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Actor Kevin Sorbo, after promoting a children’s book by lashing out at gender-affirming care for minors, has denied the new release is “anti-LGBTQ,” saying a blogger who posted a link to an interview with him “has no clue what he’s talking about.”

Sorbo said in a story published Monday by The Christian Post that his children’s book, “The Test of Lionhood,” is about “letting boys become boys to hopefully become men and strong men, strong providers for families as they grow up.”

But the “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys” star also quickly took aim at gender-affirming care for minors in the interview, comparing it to “these transgenders going in and racing against women in sports now, boxing matches.”

“It’s just crazy to me,” he added.

“You know what?” Sorbo continued. “I’m all for [anyone] wanting to become transgender [as an adult]. I’m not bashing that world. I’ve been in Hollywood for 40 years. I’ve worked with gay people all the time. You will not find one [person] that’s going to come out and say, ‘He (Sorbo) was so horrible to me.’ Because I wasn’t, I’m a live-and-let-live kind of guy.”   

On Tuesday, Joe Jervis, the liberal blogger known as “JoeMyGod,” linked to the interview under the caption, “Actor Kevin Sorbo Issues Anti-LGBTQ Children’s Book.”

Sorbo then fired back, calling the tweet and an accompanying bare-bones blog “yet another example of the left doing whatever it takes to score clicks while bashing Christian conservatives.”

“This guy has no clue what he’s talking about, and and only furthers narrative that most journalists are a joke,” Sorbo tweeted. “My book, The Test of Lionhood, is about a lion cub who learns what it means to be courageous and BRAVE while on a dangerous adventure to save his sister cub. I guess books that don’t include LGBTQ+ characters are automatically ‘Anti-LGBTQ.’”

Jervis weighed in further after Sorbo’s tweet in a statement to TheWrap.

“As anyone familiar with his Twitter posts might gather, his book appears to be just another in a raft of recent anti-LGBTQ children’s books (see Matt Walsh, etc) intended to teach children that simply being transgender is sinful and wrong,” the “JoeMyGod” blogger said. “He may couch it in terms of masculinity and biblical-ordained gender roles, but the ultimate message – as noted in reported scriptural quotes appended to the closing – seems clear. Sorbo’s publisher, after all, recently issued Kirk Cameron’s children’s book, “Pride Comes Before The Fall.” The title tells you what that book is really about.”

Sorbo, whose Hollywood career dates to the late ’80s, has complained about not being able to get acting jobs in recent years because he is an outspoken Christian conservative.

His latest starring role came in the $40,000-budget film “I Can’t Breathe (God Forgive Them)” from 2022. Perhaps predictably, the film is about a man who is nearly killed by the police but “comes back to life in the ambulance,” according to the film’s logline, which calls it “a modern story about Job.”

The lead role is played by a white actor, Shane Yuhas.


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