Key & Peele Question Academy’s Logic for ‘Selma,’ ‘Foxcatcher’ Oscar Snubs in ‘Super Bowl Special’ Sketch (Video)

The comedians channel Seattle Seahawks Richard Sherman and Marshawn Lynch to ask why Ava DuVernay did not receive a Best Director nomination, and “Foxcatcher” was not up for Best Picture

Sketch duo Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele channeled Seattle Seahawks players Richard Sherman and Marshawn Lynch to vent their frustration over Oscar snubs for “Selma” and “Foxcatcher” during Comedy Central’s “Key & Peele Super Bowl Special” on Friday.

“How you gonna nominate ‘Selma’ for best film and then Ava DuVernay not going to get a director nomination?” Key asked as outspoken cornerback Sherman. “I’m not a member of the Academy, but it seems like things are a little backwards there.”

Key’s Sherman continued his assault on the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences by asking why “Foxcatcher” director Bennett Miller got a Best Director nomination, but the wrestling drama starring Steve Carell, Channing Tatum, and Mark Ruffalo didn’t get nominated for Best Picture of the Year.

“What’s the logic there? If he did that good of a job, how come the film is not nominated for an Academy Award?” Key’s character said, while Peele’s Lynch only added “biscuits and gravy” intermittently.

“You get to nominate 10 films every year, but this year you decided you’re only going to nominate eight films,” Key continued. “If you got the space to do it, and y’all liked ‘Foxcatcher’ so much that you’re going to give the director a director nomination, then why would you not nominate the film?”

Watch the sketch.