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Kickstarted Web Series ‘My Gimpy Life’ Kicks Off Season 2 (Video)

Creator Teal Sherer returns to play herself — a disabled actress trying to make in Hollywood — in a new season full of awkward situations based on her own experiences

Fans of “My Gimpy Life” practically demanded a second season when hundreds banded together to donate nearly $60,000 on Kickstarter, and creator Teal Sherer has followed through on her promise to deliver more episodes of the Los Angeles-based comedy with a rare perspective: The eyes of a disabled actress trying to make it in Hollywood.

“Eight hundred eighty-three Kickstarter backers gave us the chance. It’s great to find an audience, but it’s even more exciting to have an audience that loves our show so much that they funded it themselves,” Sherer told TheWrap. “So happy to share the new episodes with them now.”

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Season 2 of the series launched last month with three new episodes, featuring a number of guest stars — including Mindy Sterling (“Austin Powers” trilogy) and Mitch Silpa (“Bridesmaids”) — and production value on par with TV comedies.

The fourth episode premieres online next week, and Sherer hopes the show’s dedicated fan base will help spread the word.

“We’ve been a critical success, but I’d still like more people to find the show,” Sherer said. “Most of our marketing so far has been word-of-mouth, but social media is in a strange place right now where it’s becoming pay-to-play; we rarely reach half our Facebook fans that opted in to see updates from us so we’ve been asking our super fans to share the show and pass it on to the press and TV and YouTube networks.”

The further adventures of the “gimpy” actress include a new day job, a weird party, and a weird revelation about her love life.

Watch the trailer for the series below: