Kid From Kid ‘n Play Impersonates Colin Kaepernick on Jason Whitlock’s FS1 Show

And people aren’t happy about it

Colin Kaepernick
Getty Images

Don’t adjust your preferred screen’s Brightness setting, that’s not actually Colin Kaepernick on Jason Whitlock’s FS1 show.

Actor Christopher Reid, better known as Kid of “House Party” duo Kid ‘n Play, dropped by the Fox Sports studio on Tuesday dressed up as the NFL’s most famous free agent.

Also a rapper and a comedian, Reid donned an afro wig and beard combo, a No. 7 San Francisco 49ers jersey, and wore a black glove on his right hand. He raised that balled fist for a photo op, referencing the Black Power salute popularized in American sports culture by Tommie Smith and John Carlos at the 1968 Olympics.

Here’s what Whitlock tweeted out from Reid’s in-character visit:

Not everyone was down with the apparent attempt at humor.

“Fkk is up with dude?!” actor Don Cheadle asked on Twitter, helping us out there with a little self-censorship. And that dude’s War Machine, so listen up.

ESPN’s Josina Anderson echoed her friend’s notion on the social media platform:

Of course, she’s part of the competition.

Musician Trey Songz didn’t dig the segment either. He tweeted this:

Whitlock, a polarizing figure in sports media known to court such reactions, doesn’t seem to mind the backlash — or at least he believes the segment doesn’t deserve it, tweeting “#FakeNews” a few times over select criticism.

As for Whitlock’s employer, when reached by TheWrap, Fox Sports declined comment on the appearance. Reid’s agent did not immediately respond to our request for Kid’s side.