Kid Rock Rips New York Post and Al Sharpton in Facebook Rant, Signs Off: ‘I LOVE BLACK PEOPLE!!’

Musician and aspiring politician calls Sam Riddle “a piece of sh– criminal”

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Kid Rock has a lot to say, and some of those opinions made their way to Facebook this morning.

On Monday, the rockstar and aspiring senator trashed a New York Post article and Al Sharpton, among others, and called Detroit’s Sam Riddle “a piece of sh– criminal.”

Rock signed off the whole thing this way:

Rock’s public relations rep gave select media — including TheWrap — a heads-up that “a statement regarding the recent controversies being reported in the news” would be coming this morning. Evidently, this is that.

Here’s how Robert James Ritchie started his social media post:
People! Pay NO attention to the garbage the extreme left is trying to create! (and by the way, fuck the extreme left and the extreme right!)

They are trying to use the old confederate flag BS, etc. to stir the pot, when we all know none of this would be going on if I were not thinking of running for office. Pretty funny how scared I have them all and their only agenda is to try and label people / me racist who do not agree or cower to them!! No one had a word to say when we sold out the 6 shows at LCA back in January! My track record in Detroit and Michigan speaks for itself, and I would dare anyone talking trash to put theirs up against mine. I am also a homeowner and taxpayer in the city of Detroit, so suck on that too!

Rock then promised he’d no longer support the charities that he has in the past, citing their supposed lack of support for him lately. He then commented on Sharpton’s taxes situation, said Riddle is what “has been wrong with Detroit” (also, “you suck and you know it!”), and brought up the whole Colin Kaepernick thing. Along the way, the “All Summer Long” singer assured Facebook fans “I LOVE… IDIOTS!”

There’s plenty more where that came from. Read Rock’s full post below.

The man who burst on the scene with 1998 single “Bawitdaba” threw his (sometimes pimp, sometimes cowboy) hat into the ring a Republican candidate to challenge Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.), who was first elected in 2000.

Editor’s note: An earlier version of this story identified Sam Riddle as the country artist. The Sam Riddle that Rock was referring to is a former Detroit City Hall insider who was convicted in a local bribery scandal. TheWrap regrets the error.