Kid Rock Launches Pro-Trump T-Shirt Line Calling Blue States ‘Dumbf–kistan’

“Devil Without a Cause” musician unveils the latest in redneck chick

Getty Images

Apparently, Kid Rock doesn’t plan on playing in New York or California again anytime soon.

The “Devil Without a Cause” musician has expanded his merchandise line to include a number of pro-Donald Trump T-shirts — and just like much of his musical catalog, they’re pretty obnoxious.

The shirts include one design declaring,”_onald Trump: The ‘D’ is missing because it’s in every hater’s mouth.”

Then there’s the shirt reading, “God Guns & Trump.”

One particularly eye-catching design features a map of America broken up into red (Republican) and blue (Democratic) states, with a helpful color key noting that red represents “United States of America” and blue represents “Dumbf–kistan.”

Way to bring America together again after a contentious election, Kid.

That last shirt is based on a Photoshopped image of the singer that had been making the rounds on the internet.

Rock announced that he was dragging the design into physical reality on Monday, tweeting, “Due to overwhelming demand, we decided to go ahead and actually make this and other current event merch.”

The shirts go for $24.99 each. If you’re still looking for a Christmas present for that uncle of yours who’s always ranting about “the blacks,” your prayers are answered.