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‘The Killing': And the Killer Is… (Spoiler Alert)

Did a twist-filled season finale satisfy jaded fans?

(Spoiler alert: Don't read this if you haven't seen "The Killing" season 2 finale.)

"The Killing" ended a two-season long mystery by revealing Sunday that Rosie Larsen's killer was…

…her aunt, Terry Marek. Who held her family together after her death, and even kissed Rosie's dad, Stan Larsen, after her mother ran off for much of this season to deal with Rosie's death.

The question is whether the conclusion can satisfy a great many fans who felt burned by the major fakeout that ended the first season, in which mayoral candidate Darren Richmond seemed to be the killer.

A great many viewers were frustrated by the last-minute revelation that Richmond wasn't really the guilty party. So AMC took pains after the first season to promise that the real killer would be revealed at the end of the second season.

In Sunday's season 2 finale, it appeared that Richmond's aide, Jamie Wright, had killed Rosie after she stumbled onto a conspiracy involving crooked real estate developer Michael Ames and casino boss Nicole Jackson.

Holder shot and killed Wright when Wright, after confessing, raised his own gun.

Case closed? Nope. It turns out Rosie's aunt ultimately killed her, by driving a campaign car into a lake — with Rosie in the trunk. She thought it might lead her lover, Ames, to leave his wife.

The mystery now: Does the show have anywhere else left to go?