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Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade Rips Biden for ‘Teachers First’ School Reopening Plans: ‘Can You Imagine?’

”He is playing his hands close to the vest because the teachers’ unions funded his campaign,“ complains host

Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade was visibly angry Monday while discussing President Joe Biden’s plans regarding the reopening of schools amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“We know the minimum requirements. They’re already out. They were published previously. They’re out now,” fumed the “Fox & Friends” co-host.

Kilmeade went on, “He is playing his hands close to the vest because the teachers’ unions funded his campaign. He actually was quoted as saying, ‘I’m gonna be teachers first.’ Can you imagine that? Your school policy is teachers first?”

During his pre-Super Bowl interview with CBS News’ Norah O’Donnell Sunday, Biden said that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention could lay out requirements for schools to reopen as early as Wednesday.

Biden described the number of children who’ve been kept out of traditional classrooms in the past year as a “national emergency” and said, “it’s time for schools to reopen safely.” He did not, however, say “teachers first” at any point during the interview.

As PBS News points out, teachers’ unions have been advocating for educators to be vaccinated before schools can reopen. Biden’s CDC director Rochelle Walensky, on the other hand, has said teacher vaccinations are “not a prerequisite for safe reopening of schools.”

TheWrap has reached out to Biden’s camp for a response.

Watch the “Fox & Friends” clip below:

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