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Kim Kardashian Declares Her ‘Love’ for George W. Bush

”I just think he’s cute,“ says reality TV star whose husband famously trashed the former chief executive

Kim Kardashian has a presidential crush — and it’s not one that her husband Kanye West would likely approve of.

The newly published GQ cover story on the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star reveals a lot more than her unclothed body — it also reveals Kardashian’s adoration for George W. Bush.

In the article, Kardashian reviews video for her official app featuring the reality TV fixture playing a game of F–k, Marry, Kill with a group of friends and relatives.

During the presidential round of the game, one friend declares, “I’m marrying Barack, I’m fucking Bill, and I’m killing George.”

“But I love George,” Kardashian replies in the video.

“I just think he’s cute. Like a cute little president,” Kardashian is quoted in the article. “And the [Bush] kids sent us a baby gift.”

No doubt Kardashian’s rapper husband West would disagree. During a 2005 benefit for the victims of  Hurricane Katrina, West famously declared that Bush “doesn’t care about black people.”

Ultimately, the article notes, that line was deleted from the video that went up on Kardashian’s app. Which is probably a good thing — the last thing the world needs is another Kanye West Twitter rant.

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