Kim Kardashian Prison Reform Podcast Series ‘The System’ Launches on Spotify

Podcast series follows the case of Kevin Keith, a man convicted of triple homicide despite no physical evidence

Kim Kardashian
Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images

Kim Kardashian produces and narrates a new podcast series titled “The System: The Case of Kevin Keith,” with the first two episodes now available to Spotify subscribers.

Co-produced by veteran true crime producer Lori Rothschild Ansaldi, “The System” follows the case of Kevin Keith, a man who was convicted in 1994 on three counts of murder despite no physical evidence. Decades later, Keith, along with his brother Charles, are still trying to clear his conviction. The series looks at the case and how it exposes the cracks in the American criminal justice system, accompanied by a webpage that will allow listeners to look at court documents and evidence used in Keith’s trial.

Kardashian has in recent years become an outspoken advocate for prison and criminal justice reform. In 2018, she was a supporter of the First Step Act, a law aimed at reforming federal prison policy and sentencing laws to decrease prison population and recidivism. The law was passed with wide bipartisan support and signed by President Trump after a visit to the White House by Kardashian.

As part of its development, “The System” partnered with Color of Change, a racial justice organization that seeks to shine a light on wrongful convictions in the criminal justice system, particularly against Black defendants. The show also partnered with Calling All Crows, an organization that connects and mobilizes music fans to join movements for justice and equality and which has partnered with Spotify to elevate stories of mass incarceration through its Unlocked Voices campaign.