Kimmel Calls Out People Like Tucker Carlson For Supporting Putin (Video)

“Between Tucker Carlson and ‘Pam and Tommy,’ this really is the golden age of talking d—s on television,” Kimmel jokes

Hours before Russia actually went and invaded Ukraine, it was widely expected this calamity would happen and so it is that the evening talk show hosts — which record hours earlier in the day — would talk about the whole mess. Like Jimmy Kimmel who, among other things, called out people like Tucker Carlson for supporting Vladimir Putin on Wednesday’s show.

“According to a new poll from YouGov, Republicans — American Republicans — have a more favorable view of Vladimir Putin than Joe Biden,” Kimmel said. “50% of Republicans say they have a very or somewhat favorable view of Putin. Compared to 10% for Biden.”

This is apparently true, incidentally. But back to Kimmel, who said he found the reason why, courtesy of a wild clip from Tuesday’s episode of Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show. In the clip, Tucker Carlson asks “why should I hate Putin,” then proceeds to list things Putin has not done to him. They mainly consist of different ways liberal critics have apparently hurt his feelings, which of course Putin hasn’t done, along with insinuations that liberals are trying to destroy Christianity. He also made comments alluding to China and added about Putin, “does he eat dogs?”

“I see,” Kimmel said after playing the clip. “So, in order for you to despise a man who murders his rivals.  Who murders and poisons people, and is actively trying to destabilize our country, he has to do something to you personally. He has to eat your dog.” 

“’Ohhh, he didn’t do anything to me.’ That makes sense. Thanks Tuck. Thanks for asking all those very dumb questions and then answering them for us.,” Kimmel continued. “I wanna see the tape Putin has of him because it has to be something special!”

Kimmel wondered next, “How did we go, I mean seriously, how do we go from being a country that hated communism since well before I was born. How did we go from being the country that made ‘Red Dawn’ – and ‘Rocky IV’ – to this? It boggles the mind. Can you imagine Ronald Reagan turning on Fox News and hearing this? He would strangle his monkey. He would.”

Of course it is worth noting that Putin is a far right autocrat and isn’t claiming to be a communist. Still, point taken.

“And Tucker Carlson. He knows what he’s doing. He knows this is garbage he’s feeding these people who watch him,” Kimmel continued as he wrapped the segment up. “I’ll tell you. Between Tucker Carlson and Pam and Tommy, this really is the golden age of talking d—s on television.”

Watch the whole thing above now.