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Kimmel Calls out Trump for ‘BS’ Immigration Rhetoric: ‘When Did Donald Trump Start Caring About Laws?’

”There’s also a law against starting a fake university, I think,“ Kimmel said on his show Tuesday night

Whether Donald Trump likes it or not, the outcry over his policy that demands children be separated from their families at the border and placed in camps and detainment centers is going to be a thing for the foreseeable future. And so Jimmy Kimmel again devoted a significant chunk of his opening monologue on Tuesday to exactly that topic.

“President Trump is continuing to blame Democrats for his new ‘zero tolerance’ immigration policy that has taken thousands of children from their parents and forced them into the detention centers you’ve seen,” Kimmel said on the latest “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

“Even with a hellstorm of criticism coming his way from Republicans and Democrats alike the president is digging in as he does. He keeps saying there’s a law requiring him to do this. Which, first of all, no there isn’t, that’s complete BS. And secondly, since when did Donald Trump start caring about laws?”

Kimmel then reminded his audience that Trump perhaps does not have the greatest track record when it comes to complying with laws.

“There’s also a law against starting a fake university, I think. But that’s different,” Kimmel joked.

He then took a shot at Trump’s own family history when it comes to immigration.

“This morning, Trump said Democrats want illegal immigrants to ‘infest our country. He used the word ‘infest.’ You know, just like his German grandfather infested our country. No job, no English. He just crawled in on his stomach and infested the country with a bunch of Trumps,” Kimmel said.

“This is not a popular policy. 67 percent of Americans oppose it. Even Melania released a statement saying she hates to see families separated. Partly because it makes her jealous. ‘Why can’t I get separated from my family?’ ”

Lest anyone forget what is actually happening with all this, Kimmel made a point of reminding everyone. With a bonus shot at Trump’s two grown sons.

“The President is very clearly, no matter what he says, he is using these children to try to get his wall funded,” Kimmel said. “And here’s the thing. If Trump wants to use kids as negotiating tools, the kids he should use are Eric and Donald Jr. They seem to be enormous tools. I mean they are tools that wouldn’t even fit in the box.”

You can watch Tuesday’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on ABC.com here or on the ABC app.

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