Kimmel Compares Volodymyr Zelensky-Inspired Online Merch to Putin’s (Video)

The Putin stuff is just weird

On Thursday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Kimmel took some monologue time to note how probably not-helpful it is that people have turned Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky into a fashion icon. The context being is that his country has been brutalized by the unprovoked Russian invasion.

He also compared the merch inspired by Zelensky to the Putin-themed stuff you can buy, and the Russian leader came out looking about as weird and bad as he normally does.

“In Ukraine, President Zelensky, not only has his courage inspired people all around the world, so has his fashion sense. Sales of this Zelensky-style green shirt have skyrocketed over the past month,” Kimmel said.

“Is it bad that we see a leader in a bunker trying to get his nation out of a war and think, ‘I like that look. I would like to have that,’?” Kimmel asked.

“And not to take anything away from Zelensky, but I think we all know who wore it first of course,” Kimmel joked as a photo of Shaggy from “Scooby-Doo” appeared onscreen. 

“You can buy those shirts on Etsy,” Kimmel continued. “Check out this hip douche buster cosplaying a President at war while stocking microbrews in a Brooklyn bar full of pinball machines.”

While he said this, a photo from an Etsy shop selling Zelensky-inspired shirts appeared onscreen and yes, it is kind of what Kimmel described.

Then Kimmel changed the subject to someone he joked could use one of Zelensky’s t-shirts, Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin.

“We’ve seen his nipples. Isn’t that weird?” Kimmel said. “Zelensky isn’t the only one moving merch. There are all kinds of Putin products on Etsy.”

“These are real items. We didn’t make these up. You can buy: Putin poo; You can buy a Putin butt plug; Putin eating a Ukrainian penis; Vladimir Voodoo dolls.”

Kimmel also noted that “you can add some sexy pillow time with” Donald Trump, which provided him the jump-off to talk about the decision by New York City’s District Attorney to quash the investigation into Donald Trump.

Here, Kimmel noted that the NY Times published the resignation letter of an assistant DA who quit in disgust over this move, and that this ADA asserted that Trump falsified his financial records.

“Of course he [did], he falsified hurricane records,” Kimmel joked.

“I’m starting to think the only one that can bring him to justice is The Batman,” Kimmel added.

Watch the whole monologue above.