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Kimmel Congratulates Trump on His Emmy Nomination for Best Actor in a Comedy Series (Video)

Kimmel was making a joke about how Trump gave a great comedy performance at the NATO summit this week

Thursday was Emmy nominations day, and so Jimmy Kimmel began his monologue by cracking wise about the big contenders and joked that “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” managed to pull in 46 nominations, before casually sliding into some Donald Trump-related zingers.

“And there were some surprises this year too, most notably this nomination for best actor in a comedy series,” Kimmel said, before playing the clip of Trump once again claiming to be “a very stable genius.” Trump was not actually nominated for an Emmy.

“That’s our president at NATO today, describing himself once again as a genius. A very stable genius,” Kimmel said. “The genius part aside, who describes himself as ‘stable’? Stable is a word the doctor uses after you have a car accident. He’s stable, it’s okay.”

But that wasn’t the only Trump-NATO issue that Kimmel had jokes for on Thursday night.

“Trump was a real NATO tornado today. This is from his press conference this morning, that clip. But this press conference, he wasn’t supposed to have. For whatever reason, he wound up talking to international reporters for about 35 minutes, Fielding questions with the deft touch of a giant orange traffic cone.”

“Jimmy Kimmel Live!” then presented a montage of Trump saying “go ahead” at reporters while they tried to ask questions, climaxing with Trump saying “go ahead” three times at one reporter in a normal tone before saying it one last time sounding very irritated. The whole sequence drew lots of laughs from the audience and had Kimmel chuckling to himself for several seconds afterward.

Kimmel then looked ahead to the weekend, which Trump is spending in England before heading to his meeting with Putin on Sunday.

“And then the Trumps flew off to England for talks with Theresa May. Trump has a lot of work to do in England. Number one on the list: he is demanding the English give us a better deal on their muffins. And no more fork split!” Kimmel joked.

“Trump was greeted by protests in England before his dinner with the British prime minister. Tomorrow, he’s scheduled to have tea with Queen Elizabeth. Trump has actually been preparing for his meeting with the Queen. He’s been listening to Bohemian Rhapsody for weeks now. He knows all the words.”

You can watch this portion of the monologue from Thursday’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live” in the video embedded at the top of this post.