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Kimmel Honors People Who Threw Hissy Fits Over Masks With ‘The Unruly Awards’ (Video)

It’s an honor just to be exposed unwillingly to someone else’s COVID infection

By now you know that on Monday, a Trump-appointed judge declared the commercial airlines mask mandate unconstitutional. And on Tuesday, Jimmy Kimmel celebrated everyone who threw temper tantrums every time they had to put a mask on.

“In Florida yesterday, a federal judge struck down the mask mandate in place for passengers on airplanes, trains, and buses,” Kimmel said at the start of his monologue. “Governor Ron DeSantis, of course, praised the decision. He tweeted ‘it was great to see a federal judge in Florida follow the law and reject the Biden transportation mask mandate” – or as he calls it “Critical Face Theory.”

“All the major airlines have already updated their policy. Delta, American, United, Southwest, JetBlue, Frontier, and Spirit announced they will no longer require passengers to wear a mask. Well Spirit Airlines actually didn’t have an official mask requirement because they don’t have windows on the plane,” Kimmel said.

“The remaining airlines are expected to to follow suit, which means it’s time to say goodbye to viral videos of Karens and Aarons having anti-mask in mid air. Now it’s time to recognize the very best of the very worst, in The Uruly Awards,” Kimmel said.

You can watch the monologue with the winners at the top of the page now, or read the list of awards and winners below.

Outstanding Dramatic Mask Removal: The “I didn’t even want to go to Cali” guy.

Outstanding Use of Expletives: The “you made me wait four f—ing hours for this flight” couple.

Outstanding White Woman Comparing Herself to Rosa Parks: The “it probably didn’t make sense for Rosa either” lady.

Outstanding Use of a Substitute Mask: The performative jerk who wore women’s underwear as a mask.

Outstanding Use of Packing Materials: The passengers who finally got fed up with the guy who got drunk on a flight, then sexually assaulted some of the flight attendants, then punched a flight attendant and duct taped him into his seat.

Outstanding Nonverbal Protest: The weirdo who growled like a dog and threatened flight attendants.

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